Even Countries Eat Countries: Thoughts on the Morality of Eating Animals

Just something to think about.


When vegetarians are asked why they are vegetarians, many answer that it is immoral to eat animals.

This is an interesting world in which we live. Everything is eventually eaten–consumed–by everything. Countries even eat countries–for example, Tibet being consumed by China. People eat people (on occasion); people eat animals, vegetables, fruit, fungi, insects, etc. Animals eat animals, people (on occasion), vegetables, fruit, insects. etc. Vegetables eat the nutrients in the soil, including minerals, and animal and vegetable remains. Eventually, everthing eats everything.

To take the life of a living being in order to survive is immoral to some, especially the taking of animal life. However, to deny that vegetables and fruit also have consciousness, the preference to go on living, to reproduce by dropping seeds, is in fact an error. There have been famous studies to prove that vegetables, even though they are not ambulatory, have feelings, feel pain, and take…

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