8 Unfortunate Signs You’re Unappreciated And Deserving Of Better

Not related to vegetarianism, but I found this important.

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1. If you don’t point out your redeeming qualities, you feel they’ll go unnoticed. You are a person, not a product – if it feels like you’re constantly giving an infomercial type sales pitch to somebody so they’ll understand your worth, there’s a problem with that connection. The most logical solution is to get out of that situation quickly. Your value will never be more evident to an inappreciative person than through your absence. Perhaps when you’re gone they’ll realize your importance and for their sake, hopefully it’s not too late.

2. The majority of contact is maintained by you. You text first, you call first, you pass along invites, you push to maintain some type of interaction and it begins to feel like you’re a persistent gnat, more bothersome than embraced. It’s easy to remain in denial, pretending that their lack of initiative and endless supply of excuses are…

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Intro – Blog 3

I will be focusing on the increasingly common vegetarian lifestyle. Overweight and obesity are increasing  not only in the United States, but globally. According to 1999-2000 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), 64% of United States adults are over weight. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates a total of 1.2 billion people are overweight or obese and numbers are rapidly increasing. After researching common news outlets for information and news on vegetarianism I concluded that mainstream media is completely lacking and uninformative. I can understand why many people have their odd misconceptions about the topic. I feel information about how to obtain an efficient diet are missing, along with the many many benefits being a vegetarian has, besides personal health. I feel it is highly important for my audience to know about vegetarianism. This is because as previously stated, there are many other benefits besides personal health. If people knew much more of the aspects of vegetarianism I can guarantee it would be more widely accepted and put to use. 

Blog 5 – Reflection on Personal Growth

My peers’ feedback on my final website was mostly positive, but also useful. I appreciated their liking to my website and topic, as well as their advice on what to add. I felt this helped me see what I was missing as a producer that viewers needed. I will apply what I learned during this project process to other areas of my life by always seeking the truth and more information if I feel it is lacking. I will also continue to question sources of important and vital information because I will need this in order to continue to form my own opinions. Additionally, because I am a graphic designer, this well especially help going forward with the graphics I put out. I feel that I will become something that people can trust with the many things I learned through this project process. As I was looking for more information I feel this was an especially great leadership behavior. This is because by doing this, I was not depending on only one or two sources for my information, like some may do. I was continuously questioning information and sources to ensure I would not be following the pack and reproducing false and/or tainted information.This project has prepared me for being a responsible producer of digital media in the future by informing me of ways to check information and search for things that may be missing, or seem biased.