Blog 5 – Reflection on Personal Growth

My peers’ feedback on my final website was mostly positive, but also useful. I appreciated their liking to my website and topic, as well as their advice on what to add. I felt this helped me see what I was missing as a producer that viewers needed. I will apply what I learned during this project process to other areas of my life by always seeking the truth and more information if I feel it is lacking. I will also continue to question sources of important and vital information because I will need this in order to continue to form my own opinions. Additionally, because I am a graphic designer, this well especially help going forward with the graphics I put out. I feel that I will become something that people can trust with the many things I learned through this project process. As I was looking for more information I feel this was an especially great leadership behavior. This is because by doing this, I was not depending on only one or two sources for my information, like some may do. I was continuously questioning information and sources to ensure I would not be following the pack and reproducing false and/or tainted information.This project has prepared me for being a responsible producer of digital media in the future by informing me of ways to check information and search for things that may be missing, or seem biased. 


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